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We just returned from the Smarter Artist Summit run by the great people at Sterling & Stone. I had a great first-hand view of a conference with people from all indy levels – from unpublished to seven-figure authors. Here are some of the things that we’ll incorporate.

Name badges – you’ll write your own name on your badge (alphabetizing and then looking for badges is a huge time sink that we don’t need).

Sponsors to provide badge holders, lanyards, and the badges. In return, we’ll give them five minutes to talk with the whole group as a lead-in to a main presentation.

We will have some secondary presentations simultaneous with a few of the main ones. These will be very narrow presentations tailored to specific audiences as we try to have something for everyone. People are spending their time and money to attend the conference – everyone deserves a chance to step up to the next level.

The writing sessions will be focused with worksheets and session leaders or something like that. Michael Anderle suggested an exercise that he knew would be good practice for him. If a seven-figure author wants to do it, I’m on board:)

We have a great guest speaker line up for Vegas – learn what you can from them and then network. Stop by to say hi. Find your people and talk with them. Even introverts will benefit from a few kind words shared.

We will try to set up a pay-as-you-go bar for the at least the first evening when the last presentation ends. The ice-breaker is nice and we will fully support breakout dinners that the attendees want to put together. Use the FB Group – 20Books Vegas Conference to post and organize.

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  1. Hi, I was wondering if there was a cut off number for the conference? Is it a situation where one needs to sign up now because space is filling up so quickly that admission will be closed soon? Or are the conference rooms so huge that one doesn’t need to worry about them reaching max capacity?

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