Conference Sign Up

The 20Books Vegas 2018 conference registration has sold out, but don’t be dissuaded. We’ll have a number of people who will cancel. We have room for 750 total. After that, we will manage a waiting list, because people will fall out and some seats will come open. Sign up at the wait list below.

Welcome to 20Books Vegas – click here to join the wait list.


When seats come open, I will send a PayPal invoice, that will be your opportunity to buy a ticket for $129.99 which gets you lunch on Wednesday (November 7), swag, snacks & drinks throughout, and the best three days of indie author conference you can imagine.

The conference takes place from Tuesday, November 6th at 9 am to
Thursday, November 8th at Noon.

Room Reservations

– Call Sam’s Town (although they may be full, it can’t hurt to ask) at 877-593-5993
GROUP NAME: 20 Books to 50k
– Call Eastside Cannery (we have a block of 40 rooms here, too, and it’s right across the street from Sam’s) and ask for a group reservation (702)-856-5300 or (866)-999-4899

GROUP NAME: 20 Books to 50K


Or you could stay anywhere else you want. It’s Vegas – you will be able to find a room.
Sam’s Town also has a small RV park attached. If you would like to talk with someone about your reservation or make your reservation over the phone, call Sam’s Town directly at 877-593-5993

Side Notes

– No perfume at the show (we have a number of people who are deathly allergic)
– US Citizens, if you want to vote, the first day of the show is the mid-term election voting day
– There were will be 720 authors at the show. Plan accordingly
– About 200 people will be in chairs only, but the other 500 will have tables to sit at. We tried to accommodate people in the best way possible. People who sit in the chairs will get a raffle ticket for the drawing to win a $2000 prize from Reedsy (only chair sitters will be eligible).
– Swag is looking good. I’ll order what you see here (but with cool logos)