Conference Sign Up

20Books Vegas 2019
Nov 12-14, 2019
Sam’s Town Live

The conference fee will be $139.99. I expect the show will sell out in one day. I’m opening 850 slots for registration.

You can fill out this form to be notified when registration opens on March 29th, sometime in the morning, Alaska time.  When they are gone, they are gone.

If you were an attendee for 20Books Vegas 2018, then you are already on the registration notification email listing, you don’t need to fill this out.

I know that some people will have to cancel and that happens. I will send a MailChimp email to everyone who was a paid attendee of 20Books Vegas 2018 and everyone on the notification list.

With the overlap of folks who signed up in both places, it still leaves about 1300 people who will get notified when the conference registration opens.

If you aren’t sure if you signed up, here’s the form. Please place on your whitelist (google how to do that for your particular email provider) so you receive the email.

When you register, the things you absolutely must get correct when you fill in the form are your name (real name, legal name, as in on your ID so that we can verify if there are any questions), your bio (100 words), your email, and your PayPal email.

Put them into a place where you can simply copy/paste into the registration form when the time comes.

Kendrai Meeks ( will be handling any changes and the overall registration forms. She will be the one you contact with questions or when we’re sold out so she can direct you to the wait list. She’ll also be the one who will contact you when seats open up.

Room Reservations 

We are sold out of the $42 rooms. That’s 350 rooms already reserved. Don’t fret, we have 100 additional rooms in our room block and they are only $49/night.

Call Sam’s to reserve –

GROUP NAME: 20 Books to 50K
TOLL FREE NUMBER: 877-593-5993

Call them to lock in your room (and it is fully refundable in case life happens and you can’t attend, or your are lost in a forest at the end of March and can’t get to the internet).

Side Notes 

– No perfume at the show (we have a number of people who are deathly allergic)
– There were will be 850 authors at the show. Plan accordingly