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20Books Vegas 2020
Nov 10-12, 2020 – Sam’s Town!

You can’t make room reservations yet.

Those are locked down until after conference registration opens on February 29th at 9AM Alaska Time.
If you attended this year’s show, you are on the notification list already.

If you aren’t sure because you didn’t get the conference newsletters, then make sure you’re a member of the 20Books group on facebook for notices, and sign up on the link in the group.

What will be different in 2020?

20Books Vegas has blocked every single room in the hotel. Every. Single. One. Plus an extra 250 rooms at Eastside Cannery.
During the show, you see someone in the hotel halls, they will be an author or family of an author. There won’t be anyone else. We own every single conference room in the hotel.
It’s all us. Vegas, baby.


1500 seats – 1000 in the main room and 500 starting upstairs in Ponderosa. We will break out quickly to multiple sessions spread throughout the hotel.
  • $199.99 for main room
  • $129.99 for upstairs start
  • $249.99 for industry (and they’ll get a unique badge identifying them as such – these professionals are by invite only)
Monday, Nov 9 is Industry Day – From 10 AM to 4 PM in Ponderosa, the industry professionals from Amazon to Apple to Audible to Podium to so many more. You’ll find a representative from nearly all of the major players in the self-publishing world. Get your ticket to the show and then stop by to see the players.
We’ll have a fan event/signing/book sales on Friday, Nov 13 (yes, actual sales – we will have access to a business license for Nevada so we’ll have to collect sales tax at the sales and then everyone will have to submit that to a central collection point).
There won’t be a group lunch, but we’ll increase the amount of catering in the conference rooms, trying to put something to eat in every room we have.
More sessions because more rooms and a little tweak in the schedule.
We’ll have two sessions before breakfast each morning and then a two-hour break from 7:30 to 9:30.
We’ll have one or two evening sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday, a little something for everyone no matter your sleep pattern.
We’ll record every session (or do our very best to). If anyone asks, intercept that question and tell them Yes!
I’m breaking down the sessions into one of three tracks –
  1. Business
  2. Writing & Publishing
  3. Craft
We’re already working to bring in additional guest speakers to cover areas that we don’t have sufficient expertise. Stand by for more.
A few guest speakers have already committed to 2020.
I have feelers out for so many more. If you think 2019 was great, you’ll be blown away by 2020. The amount of buzz and support that we are building throughout the community is absolutely amazing. The word is on the street – you must go to 20Books Vegas.
At our first show two years ago, we were pretty sure we had something special. Now, there is no doubt. This is magical. Changing lives for the better. That’s 20Books and I’m pretty sure we are doing it for less than $1000, conference fee, travel, meals, and hotel included.
Craig will send out the notification email at 9AM Alaska time on Saturday Feb 29, and we’ll set up a new 20Booksto50k(R) conference group so people don’t get confused with posts from 2019.
It’ll be automatic approval for membership as long as you are a member of the main 20Booksto50k(R) Facebook group.
Vegas 2020 will be a fantabulous event, but until then, get your chops! Don’t wait a year to get motivated. Finish your book and publish it. Your experience in Vegas will be that much more impactful if you already have a foundation. Watch John Truby’s presentations and then go get your words.



You MUST be a member of the 20Books Group to register. Click here to join the group.


Side Notes 

– No perfume at the show (we have a number of people who are deathly allergic)
– There were will be 1500 self-published authors at the show. Plan accordingly.