Conference Sign Up

Please join the 20Books Vegas 2023 Facebook group – this is where all the behind the scenes information happens: and where the attendees share information ahead before the big show.

20Books Vegas 2023 – Registration opens at 7AM Pacific Time on January 2nd, 2023

November 6 – Vendor Day
November 7, 8, 9 – Main show days
November 10 – Author sales/signing day

In-Person attendees can sign up here ($349.99 through January 31, $399.99 from February 1 through July 31, and $499.99 for registrations from August 1st to the show)

What’s the benefit of joining us in person? Besides being up close and personal with over 100 vendors, you’ll be with your tribe. Period. You’ll be in the drink line, sandwiched between two seven-figure authors and won’t even know it, because we are all peers at 20Books Vegas. Kindness, sharing, and a positive atmosphere the likes of which you’ll not have seen other shows. 20Books Vegas is not like any show you’ve been to.

We’ll have up to 2500 attendees and about 200 sessions. But it won’t seem that big. It’ll be as big or as small as you want it to be because we’re all there for the same purpose – to learn. We have a block of 1000 rooms, heavily discounted from normal Vegas Strip rates. You’ll get the special room reservation link as part of your conference registration confirmation. Make sure you have on your email’s whitelist otherwise this confirmation will go to spam, and then you’ll panic and email us. When there’s no need. Just check around and you’ll find that confirmation. Then click on the link and get your room – first come, first served. After they are sold out, the only way to get a discounted room will be for someone to cancel before mid October.

Networking is paramount – at 20Books Vegas 2022, we had over 300 authors making a full-time living from their writing. We have about fifty attendees making in excess of half a million a year. Dress for the job you want. No one is going to carry you but there’s significant value in seeing how these people work. You could be next to them at the bar and won’t even know it. There is no better place for networking. We are all peers in Vegas.

Virtual attendees can sign up to watch the presentation for a minimum of $25:

What’s the benefit of paying for a virtual ticket? It helps our budget first and foremost. And for you, it gets you access to Ingram Spark’s discount code through the year. We had to do this as one additional level of security to get the scammers out of our feed. Virtual attendees will also have the opportunity to ask questions during the live presentations through our A/V team.

Other people will still be able to access all the material from the show at no cost, but that will be well after the show is over via our YouTube channel and those people won’t have access to the Ingram Spark discount codes.

Industry Professionals/Vendors

If you are a vendor (not someone who wants to participate in the author book signing on Friday, Nov 18) then request to reserve a table here (we will vet vendors to ensure the right mix & match is available for our people). And this is just for the industry table – all vendors need to register individually as well.

Side Notes 

– No perfume at the show (we have a number of people who are deathly allergic)
– There were will be about 2500 self-published authors at the show. Plan accordingly. We have 100,000 square feet within which to operate so 2500 won’t be as overwhelming as it sounds. Getting a room in the Resort Tower is important as it’s easiest to escape to, if need be.
– Come with a full belly, leave with a full mind – we have minimum catering at the show
– The famous Carlos cake machine is on the left side of the connecting hallway to Paris on the Bally’s end
– No refunds will be processed until after the show is over and all refunds must be requested no later than August 31 (you have to fill out a form). We run this show as a not-for-profit. We have no slush fund. We confirm our swag and catering costs based on the numbers we have registered – all refunds will be pro-rated once our costs are finalized.