The last date to request a refund is August 31, 2022.

Q. What are the dates of the conference?

  • November 14 – Vendor Day
  • November 15, 16, 17 – Main show days
  • November 18 – Author sales/signing day

Q. What is the cancellation policy for the conference?

Refunds will not be issued until after the show to make sure all show costs are covered, first and foremost. We are counting on everyone who registers to attend and that is what our costs are based on. If you need to cancel and would like a refund, email vegas@craigmartelle.com and fill out this short form.


Q. What is Bally’s smoking policy?

Smoking indoors is legal in Vegas so it’s all over the casino. The event center is separate, and smoke free while 20Books is in residence.

Q. Can I park at Bally’s?

There is parking at the hotel (the parking garage is between Bally’s and Paris hotels). Parking is free for registered hotel guests, Nevada residents (with ID), and anyone who has a Caesars Rewards card at the Platinum, Diamond, or Seven Stars level. Parking is $15 per day for everyone else. Additional information and directions to access the parking garages can be found here https://gamboool.com/ballys-las-vegas-parking-garage-directions-and-information-to-the-free-self-park-area-and-valetYou can park next door in their garage for free, but you’ll have about a quarter of a mile walk to get to Bally’s.

Q. Do spouses/sig others/adopted wayward children need badges? 

The conference area is 100% badges, so if an attendee strong-arms her companion to join her at the show, that companion needs their own badge. All badges cost the same – $299.99 since we get charged for butts in seats.

Q. Does the hotel have mobility scooters?

The hotel has a supplier and are obliged by law to provide one. Notify them of the need when you book the room and deal with the hotel directly. Each attendee is responsible for handling their own scooter requests.

Q. What is the temperature like in Bally’s?

We recommend dressing in layers to be prepared for both ends of the temperature spectrum.

Q. What are the details for the author signing?

Author Signing Event – Friday November 18th, 10AM to no later than 4PM. You must be a registered attendee to participate. 
Cost: $50/half table and we’ll select the 350 participants by June 1st – potential sellers will be notified on April 2nd with a form and an invitation

Q. Can more than one attendee sign up using the same email address?

Each participant requires a unique email. (Using the same paypal email for different registrations is, of course, fine.) The email address is the unique ID for each record. Hence, if multiple people use the same address, only one of them is going to have an Eventee invitation.

Q. Can I sell/transfer my ticket to someone else?

No – we do not allow ticket sales outside of our registration process. No transfers are permitted, and rollovers will only be granted due to government-imposed travel restrictions due to Covid-19.

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