20Books Vegas Conference Overview

Registration is now open for 20Books Vegas 2021 – you can find the registration link in the 20Booksto50k(R) Facebook Group as this conference is open to members only. There is no cost to join the group.


November 8-12, 2021 at Bally’s on the Strip

I expect we’ll have about 2500 authors attending the show, but we have 100,000 square feet for our exclusive use. All indies, all the time. Over 200 presentations and we will livestream all the major presentations and most of the smaller presentations as well as record them for later viewing.

We won’t have a schedule until this summer at the earliest, but based on past shows, you will need a time turner to make it to all the presentations you want to attend (or be able to watch the recorded videos later). This will be one of the most intense weeks of your life and you will be exhilarated because we are your tribe. We’re all friends here talking about the one thing we love – writing and the business of being a self-published author. But there will be no better place for networking with authors in your genre, with the leading industry service providers, and with experts in the varied elements of our business.

Peers not prey – compatriots not competitors. Here’s our anti-harassment policy for the show. We don’t tolerate discrimination in any form. http://20booksvegas.com/anti-harassment-and-non-discrimination-policy/

Nov 8 – Industry day and check in. See what the vendors have to offer from across the spectrum of providers. And start the networking! Form your own genre meetups and take advantage of everything the Strip has to offer (a bazillion restaurants in all price ranges)

Nov 9-11 – the primary show and presentation days

Nov 12 – a few follow-up presentations and author signing day (this won’t open for registration until late March) but we’ll have room for some 350 authors, the vast majority of whom will be two to an eight-foot table. We will incentivize readers to come as well as ask all participating authors to contact their fans to invite them to the signing. If each author only gets three fans to come, that will be over 1000 readers browsing around the hall. And it’s a great opportunity on how to sell in person (we’ll have some all-stars at the corners ready to teach about displays while showing theirs).

Cost is $299.99. Everyone will be able to fit in our main presentation hall which can accommodate up to 4000. I expect 2500 and we need at least 2000 attendees to break even on costs. We do not accept any sponsors so this show is by indies and for indies. This show is not-for-profit. We make no money on it, but we do get a nice suite on the hotel and people buy me beer:) It’s almost like helping a friend move…

In any case, search the FaceBook group for “20Books Vegas 2021” to see all the information. We’ll consolidate and send out periodic emails with the latest information.

Even if you don’t come, nearly all the presentations will be live-streamed to our 20Books Vegas 2021 FB group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/20booksvegas2021) and they will be recorded over there to watch anytime as well as uploaded to our YouTube channel as soon as possible after the show for viewing there.

None of this comes at a cost to non-attendees (although you can register as a virtual attendee  https://craigmartelle.wufoo.com/forms/20books-vegas-2021-virtual-attendee/) where you pay what you want and you’ll have exclusive access to the online scheduling tool to help you plan your viewing strategy). For those at the show, you can always watch the video of a session that you missed (or rewatch the ones you attended).

Cancellation Policy: This show is different because the costs are so extreme. Refunds will not be issued until after the show is over. Once we have our show costs covered we can pro-rate refunds. I can guarantee that we will manage our costs, but I cannot guarantee you how much of a refund you will be. You won’t get it until after the 2021 show when we’re positive that we have covered all our costs. A tentative option in lieu of canceling is to roll over your registration to 2022, but we will approve those on a case by case basis because we have to cover our costs first. At least we already know the 2022 costs – $299.99 (benefits of a multi-year contract).

What’s this all about?  No better intro than the opening remarks from Vegas 2019, from our own Craig Martelle.

I’m Craig Martelle. Michael and I welcome you to 20Books Vegas.

20Booksto50k® started as the premise of an adequate retirement, enough to live comfortably in a low-cost place. A rising tide lifts all boats, an attitude that we are better together. Combine these philosophies and you get the evolution of the group that is 20Booksto50k®.

Michael Anderle and I are driven to give back to the community that has been both supportive and hostile. Yes, hostile, because if it weren’t for that, Michael would have never started the group. There was no need to get in arguments and fire back. We care about looking forward, through the windshield and not the rearview mirror. There’s nothing back there except for the people who said it couldn’t be done.

Here we are today standing in a room of giants. A thousand fellow authors with a massive gathering of industry providers, here solely for you, the indies. Nearly two hundred of you are making full-time money and there are a couple hundred who have yet to publish a book. With all manner of authors in between, but there’s a single thread that ties us all together. Success. It’s a word that we define each in our own way. Our destinations are as different as the paths we take to get there. 20Booksto50k® is the smorgasbord from which you pick and choose to build your way forward.

If you’re here because you want to be successful, raise your hand.

Ethically and reasonably within our own capacity to perform. You don’t have to like all the things you need to do as an indie, but you have to do them. They can be insurmountable obstacles if you don’t know what to do. It’s yet another reason why we’re here. To fill in the gaps in our stepping stones up the mountain of success. It’s a beautiful view during the climb. It’s also great to look back every now and then to see how far you’ve come, see how many people are down the hill, struggling to take their next step. We challenge everyone to reach a hand back and help the next author take just one more step.

Michael and I never set out to change the world, but when it looked like we could, we changed our goals. With every author who does better today than yesterday, we win. We, as in all of us. You’re here because you want to change for the better. Improve your own life. Improve the lives of your families. Change the lives of those sitting around you.

All it takes to change the world is to change one other person’s life for the better. One today, then another one tomorrow. How does it make you feel when you’ve helped out? Don’t give them a fish, teach them to fish. 20Booksto50k®. That’s why we do what we do, but it starts with you. Embrace the attitude that helping others is a way to help yourself. Look for opportunities to learn and opportunities to share. Take care of yourself first, and then reach a hand back.

How far up your mountain of success will you go before that happens? Take a good look at yourself and make sure you’re on solid footing. You’ll find that you may have already come farther than you realize. Maybe it’s time to reach back and give a hand to the next person struggling up the mountain. You’ll find that you don’t have to go very far before you’ve come a long way. And then you keep going, forward, looking through the windshield.

As I head up the mountain, all I see are hands reaching back to pull me forward, just one more step. I also feel the hands of those behind me, pushing and cheering for my success. Reaching back. It’s the least I can do. I take the time to congratulate Michael Anderle on a book that jumps up and stays up, on a story well told. Everyone needs support. Just because you’re in a different place on the climb doesn’t mean that you don’t need a few kind words of support.

20Booksto50k® exists because of Michael Anderle. Cabo san Lucas where $35k/year is all you need to live comfortably. But when he reached that goal, he set a new goal, and another new goal, and all of a sudden, he’s responsible for all of this – 35,000 like-minded souls, earning the title of indie, every single day, every time you tap that button that says “Publish.”

This job isn’t easy, but it is the most rewarding I’ve ever had. I would much rather work for me and be awarded what I myself have earned for me and my family. That is the control you have as an indie. It can be a heavy burden at times, but it’s also an awesome responsibility.

We have people in here who have tried to take their own lives. I am happy that you’re here with us today. There are authors in here who have been homeless. Others who have been incarcerated or spent long stretches in the hospital. There are those who have opened their homes to others, even if those other have four legs or feathers. And there are those who have never experienced any of that. Your life experiences, your research, your imagination have given you the fertile material to write compelling stories. That brings us here today, united in the singular purpose of writing and selling books.

As authors, we can always escape into the unlimited confines of our minds. Even when sales are down, there’s always another story that must be written. And we need to be the ones to write it because no one knows the story like we do. You are critical to a story’s success. It can’t live without you.

And then you put your baby up for sale! We have to do that. We don’t have patrons like the Medici family, so we have to take care of it ourselves. And we do, all by ourselves because we work alone but know that we are not alone.

There are over a thousand of us in Sam’s Town, Las Vegas, working independently to climb the mountain of success, a mountain that is infinite in size with room for all.

We can climb it together. No one has to be left behind, no one who’s willing to work hard at the right things. Presenters, panelists, and your fellow authors are hoping to fill gaps in knowledge so you can pick and choose what is best for you and your journey.

That’s the power of being an indie. We take responsibility. We have the freedom to decide what we want to do, and we get the rewards for our efforts. Besides writing a great story, that means learning a little marketing, writing some ads, bidding on keywords, paying your taxes, and all those cool adult things. No one is going to carry you in this business. But look how many people are sharing, offering a hand to help you help yourself.

You wouldn’t be listening if you weren’t willing to learn. This is a huge step in the journey to a higher level of professionalism. This is your profession. Your investment to come here, your investment in time if you’re watching from home show your commitment to taking this seriously. Don’t half-ass what could be the best career of your life. You wouldn’t be writing if you didn’t love it. Now’s the time to make those words work for you.

I believe that nothing worth having is easily gotten. Your first book probably won’t be your magnum opus. Accept that it takes practice and a continuous improvement mentality to get better. My personal goal is a single book that sells one hundred thousand copies. I have a ways to go because I don’t think I’ve written that book yet. I make a little across a lot of books with newest releases earning good money right away and adding later to the revenue streams. I call it the blue-collar approach to white collar money.

There would be no glitter on that gold if we didn’t help other people. Philanthropy is a part of our souls and judging by the people who are here today, we are not alone. Feel the hope. It’s not sink or swim. Be energized by the positivity. Stand tall and be proud to be a member of this tribe.

Peers not prey. Compatriots not competitors. A rising tide, lifted by thousands of voices, celebrating success, and riding the tide higher and higher. Together.

Werewolves in love, spaceship ass, horse-drawn carriages, fecking clowns, a murder unsolved, talking cats, an endless parade of adventures. Stories and real life. Fiction and non-fiction. More than a job, it’s a calling, a love for the written word. Your stories could provide an escape from the real world, or open the universe for a future engineer, or help a reader learn something new. So much opportunity, and all you have to do is put those words into the hands of the right readers.

What the books look like, to how they read, to finding buyers who will love your work. That’s what 20Books Vegas hopes to accomplish, and we want you to take advantage of the opportunities. There is no place like this and no other group like 20Booksto50k®.

This conference is a place to feel safe and focused on your way ahead. We’ve worked hard to keep 20Books drama free, so much so, that we’re where drama comes to die. It has zero business value, so don’t waste your time. Invest your time instead in the endeavors that will deliver for your business.

We believe that the 20Books conferences are as inclusive as humanly possible. I care that you are trying to write better words with each new sentence, sell one more book today than you did yesterday, manage your author business just a little bit better year over year. Write the best book you can as quickly as you’re capable of. That is your commitment to the opportunity that is self-publishing. That is your commitment to yourself.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

My name is Craig Martelle and this is 20Books Vegas.

Schedule & Guest Speakers

Schedule Highlights:

20books Vegas is being held at Bally’s, right on the famous Las Vegas Strip from November 8th through the 12th.

We’ll start with Industry Day on Monday, November 8th.

Look for all the major industry providers. We’ll list them as we get closer to the show, but if you self-published, you will have worked with them before. And you may aspire to work with some of them . Last conference, we have most major audiobook producers in attendance.

Tuesday through Thursday will be sessions – lots and lots of sessions. Mostly presentations, some panels, and even a couple workshops. We have 100,000 square feet of conference space for our exclusive use.

We’ll record all the sessions, too.

There will be General Tracks and Advanced Tracks. I may even have a Romance track as I’ve heard there might be a void in that area this year.

Can 20Books Vegas be all things to all people? No, but it can be the single best and biggest gathering of professional authors in the world to share, learn, and most importantly, network. It can be what you need it to be.

On Friday November 12, we’ll have an author sales & signing day. From 10 to 4pm (these hours may change, but it’ll be somewhere around there). We’ll set up, do some advertising (while also counting on the participating authors to solicit their fans), and then conduct book sales & signings thanks to Wolfpack for their Business and Tax licensing support. Amazon provided two months of Kindle Unlimited for free to every attendee last year. We will see if we can get that same deal this year, too.

All sales will go through a central register to ensure we collect sales tax – more to follow on that so you are crystal clear on how this will work. No direct sales otherwise you can get me and the show in big trouble with the state of Nevada.

Also for this year:

  • Head shots/pro author photos (on Monday Nov 9) at no cost to attendees
  • Early morning sessions
  • Constant rolling sessions (no set lunch break)
  • A late session or three
  • Karaoke

And then my special treat, on November 10th, I’ll personally host a USMC birthday celebration in the Grand Salon.

I’m inviting all our veterans to join us as we cut a cake, drink some drinks, tell some sea stories, and enjoy the camaraderie of those who wore the uniform (any service, any country – we’re all brothers & sisters).


It’s Free in the lot between Paris & Bally’s (both owned by Caesar’s).


Your hosts for the show

Craig Martelle

Craig runs the 20Booksto50k(R) group. Retired Marine, lawyer, and recluse Alaskan who breaks free from his sub-Arctic shell to come to Vegas! Craig writes science fiction, mostly with a post-apocalyptic slant. Craig hit the $50k mark with his 19th book, without a single breakout title, although he’s had a number of books wear Amazon’s bestseller tag. He calls himself the blue collar author and claims that quantity has a quality all its own. Craig has an extensive back list and a growing group of fans. The most important thing we can do as authors is give back in some way, whether through social lessons in our prose or helping others reach the next level in their journey as professional authors.

Michael Anderle

With zero experience in indie publishing (and practically zero experience writing a novel) Michael has surprised himself, his readers and the pundits that wish he would shut the hell up about his opinions. Basically, because he chose to do things differently and those audacious ideas worked.

Michael owns LMBPN Publishing with over 800 titles available.

Conference Sign Up

20Books Vegas 2021
Nov 8-12, 2021 – Bally’s

You can make room reservations as part of our room bloc by using the room reservation link contained in your invoice (if you rolled over from last year) or from your registration confirmation link that you receive when you fill out the registration form.


If you aren’t sure because you didn’t get the conference newsletters, then make sure you’re a member of the 20Books group on Facebook for notices, and sign up on the link in the group.


What will be different in 2021?


First and foremost, we’re on the Strip, Bally’s! instead of at Sam’s Town. We have 100,000 square feet all to ourselves, the entire convention center at Bally’s. This has allowed us to grow. We have 1000 rooms in our room bloc, but we’re on the Strip and you can stay at your favorite hotel. You will not be far away.
It’s all us. Vegas, baby.


You MUST be a member of the 20Books Group to register. Click here to join the group.


Side Notes 

– No perfume at the show (we have a number of people who are deathly allergic)
– There were will be 2500 self-published authors at the show. Plan accordingly.