Schedule & Guest Speakers

How about a schedule of the event? Some 190 sessions presented by over 100 guest speakers.

See the schedule for 2023 by joining the 20Books Vegas 2023 Facebook Group.

Can I request to be a speaker at the conference?

No – all guest speakers are by invite only. And here’s the list of who is presenting, moderating, or on panels at 20Books Vegas 2023

First           Last

Chris          Abernathy

Sasha        Almazan

Melle         Amade

Amazon    Amazon

Brad          Andalman

Michael     Anderle

Kevin J.      Anderson

Cole           Antos

Stuart        Bache

Celeste      Barclay

Steve         Beaulieu

M.C.          Beeler

Sacha        Black

James        Blatch

Cheryl       Bradshaw

Jessica       Brawner

Mike          Bray

Jonathan   Brazee

Jamie         Brooks

Quinn        Brooks-Ward

Marc          Cameron

Diane        Capri

Dave          Chesson

Colette      Clark

Bryan        Cohen

Malorie     Cooper

Larry          Correia

Damon      Courtney

Katie          Cross

Joshua       Dalzelle

Mark         Dawson

Carolyn L.  Dean

Steve         Diamond

Matt          Dinniman

Andrew     Dobell

Jillian         Dodd

Todd         Fahnestock

Paddy        Finn

Anne         Fonteneau

Adam        Fuller

Victoria     Gerken

Julie C.       Gilbert

Lisa            Gold

Luke          Gygax

Robert       Hampson

Cassie        Hanjian

Nicci          Harris

Rebekah    Haskell

Steve         Higgs

Blake         Hudson

Stephanie Hudson

James        Hunter

Kevin         Ikenberry

Shawn       Inmon

EL James

Pierre        Jeanty

Ines           Johnson

Sadie         Kincaid

Jeffrey       Kohanek

Dakota      Krout

Tammi       Labrecque

Oriana       Leckert

Tony          Lee

Mark Leslie  Lefebvre

Monica      Leonelle

Alex           Lidell

Victorine   Lieske

Jon Logsdon

Jonathan   Maberry

Chip          MacGregor

Jenny         Madore

Maggie      Marr

Craig          Martelle

Lori            Matthews

Mathias    Matting

Catharina  Maura

Rachel       McClean

Kevin         McLaughlin

Cecelia      Mecca

Arpit          Mehta

Lisa            Mitchell

Rebecca    Moesta

Gene         Mollica

Leann        Morgan

Brandon Q. Morris

Lee Mountford

Eileen        Mueller

Kate           Myers

Jason         Neal

Adam        Nicholls

Alex           Nieuhaus

Clayton     Noblit

Sarah         Noffke

Russell      Nohelty

Jackie        North

Bonnie      Paulson

James        Peet

Jo   Penn

Nora          Phoenix

Kate           Pickford

Deann       Powell

Suzy K        Quinn

Sharon      Rice-Weber

Nikki          Rome

M.A.          Rothman

Clark          Rowenson

Kristine Kathryn    Rusch

L.T. Ryan

Steven L.   Sears

Anthea      Sharp

Dean Wesley         Smith

Joe Solari

Kyla           Stone

Melissa     Storm

Becca         Syme

Nick           Thacker

Soundbooth         Theater

J.    Thorn

Melisa       Torres

John          Truby

Ramy         Vance

Michael     Webb

David         Weber

Toni           Weisskopf

Elizabeth Ann       West

Brad          West

Marie        Whittaker

Ben            Wolf

Tao Wong

Jonathan   Yanez

Jynafer      Yanez

Vendors attending 20Books Vegas 2022

We have five large booths that will be staffed for the duration of this year’s 20Books Vegas 2022. They include:


Blackstone Publishing (print, ebooks, & audio)

Podium Audio



In addition to our five permanent booths at the back of the Event Center, we have some of the leading industry professionals and service providers who will be present at tables on Monday November 14th’s Vendor Meet and Greet day. Some will also be available on Friday, author signing day.

Here’s the list of attending pros for 2022 – we expect most will return for 2023. We’ll update this page when we have the vendor registrations in hand:

Organized Authors

Soundbooth Theater

Spectrum Audiobooks


Pink Flamingo Productions/Fireside Horror

Best Page Forward

Alt 19 creative

Voices by Veronica

J Caleb Design

The Author Helper (formerly ReaderLinks)

Indie Author Magazine

Chanticleer Book Reviews & Media


The Write Services Social Media Management

Written Word Media


Bookcicle LLC


Well Read Translations

Date With the Muse, LLC

Book Brush

G•S Design & Photography, LLC

Night Witch Illustrations

Lovelight Lioness Productions LLC

Ingram Content Group/IngramSpark

Plottr (Fictional Devices LLC)

Curated Audio LLC

Aven Shore Narrating

The Self Publishing Formula Limited

Crave Books


Tantor Media

Enchanted Quill Press





Genius link (Booklinker)


Sweet ‘N Spicy Designs


Publisher’s weekly


Leonard Audio

Superstars Writing Seminars

Typed Write Co

Acutrack, Inc



Findaway Voices

Jeanius Publishing